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Richard Cassingham was born 8 Jun 1804 in Kent County, England. He is the son of Thomas Cassingham (Sr.) and Phoebe Ford. He died 4 or 5 Jul 1889 at the age of 85 in La Harpe, Hancock, Illinois, and was buried in La Harpe Cemetery on 5 Jul 1889.

On 18 Dec 1828, he married Margaret Morrison in Muskingum County, Ohio. She was born 5 Oct 1805 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania and died 9 Jul 1890 at the age of 84 in La Harpe, Hancock, Illinois. She is buried in La Harpe Cemetery.

Children of Richard Cassingham and Margaret Morrison:

  1. Phebe Cassingham was born 4 Oct 1829 in Ohio.
  2. Sarah Jane Cassingham was born 22 Aug 1831 in Ohio.
  3. George Benjamin Cassingham was born 7 Oct 1833 in Muskingum County, Ohio.
  4. Lydia Ann Cassingham was born 23 Oct 1835 in Muskingum County, Ohio. She died on Christmas Day, 25 Dec 1840, at the age of 5 in Jackson, Muskingum, Ohio.
  5. William Reeves Cassingham was born 29 Aug 1837 in Muskingum County, Ohio.
  6. Sophia Cassingham was born 24 May 1841 in Ohio.
  7. Thomas Alexander Cassingham was born 28 Jul 1843 in Ohio. He died 25/27 Nov 1863 at the age of 20 in the battle of Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee and is buried in the military cemetery there (grave #11998 sec. D).
  8. Henry Cassingham was born 16 Sep 1845. He died 20 Mar 1848 at the age of 2.
  9. Homer Burns Cassingham was born 2 Jun 1849 in Muskingum County, Ohio. He died 5 Oct 1892 at the age of 43 in Lyons, Rice, Kansas and was buried at Graceland Cemetery in Lyons on 7 Oct 1892. He never married.


Richard's parents brought him to  the United States in 1818, when he was 12.  They settled in Muskingum County, Ohio. In 1852 he moved his family to La Harpe, Hancock, Illinois.

Margaret: The obituary of her sister, Mary (Richard's brother, Thomas' wife), states that Mary and Margaret are twins. 


Richard: Death and Burial from the obituary of his sister-in-law, Mary (Morrison) Cassingham which lists his death as July 4. See also his grave marker which lists death as July 5 (photo courtesy of Robert Teesdale).

Margaret: Birth, Death and Burial from her grave marker (photo courtesy of Robert Teesdale).

Thomas: Burial from the Chattanooga National Cemetery list.

Homer: Death and Burial from Homer's own obituary.

Census Listings

The individuals in this family appear in the following census listings.


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