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Aurcle Gailen Cassingham is the son of John Gailen Cassingham and Henrietta Drown. He was born 29 Jan 1917 in Matheson, Elbert, Colorado and died 10 Jan 1992 at age 74 in Ontario, Malheur, Oregon. He was buried 14 Jan 1992 at Riverside Cemetery, Payette, Payette, Idaho.

On 25 Jan 1935/1936, he married Guelah Bernice Kizer in Weddington, Washington, Arkansas. Bernie or Sally, as she was sometimes known, is the daughter of William Hozy Kizer and Mary Elizabeth Colvin. She was born 16 Jan 1917/1918 in Summers, Washington, Arkansas.

Children of Aurcle Gailen Cassingham and Guelah Bernice Kizer:

  1. Valeria Joyce Cassingham was born in 1938/1939 in Idaho.
  2. Gayle Yvonne Cassingham was born in 1941 in Idaho.
    • In 1960/1961, she (1) married Bud Perkins. He was born in 1939.
    • She later married (2) Dell Johnson. He died 14 Dec 1977.


Aurcle was born in Colorado, but his family moved to Payette, Idaho when he was six where he attended school until the fourth grade. The family then moved to Oregon Slope, then in 1932 to Summers, Arkansas. After marriage, he and Bernie moved to Payette, Idaho where he worked in the orchards of J. C. Palumbo. In 1941, the moved to Compton, California where he worked in the shipyards until 1944. He then moved back to the Oregon Slope where he farmed until his retirement in 1977. He was an avid hunter and fisherman. (from Gary and Lynn Cassingham)

Guelah's surname may be Kaizer.


Much information for this family provided by Gary and Lynn Cassingham.

Aurcle: Birth and Death from the Social Security Death Index (SSN 518-22-0986) and Oregon Death Index, 1903-70 (cert # 92-01011).


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