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Descendants of Peter Schreiner

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Peter Schreiner (Sr.) was born in 1766 in Virginia or 24 May 1769. He died 28 Aug 1845 at age 76 or 79 in Indiana. He is buried at Egolf Cemetery, Whitley County, Indiana.

He married Sara. She was born about Dec 1770 or 2 May 1771. She died 8 May 1832 at age 61 in Liberty, Fairfield, Ohio. She is buried at Bickel, St. Michael's Cemetery, Liberty, Fairfield, Ohio.

Children of Peter Schreiner (Sr.) and Sara:

  1. Margaret Schreiner was born 26 Sep 1792 or between 1794 - 1804.
  2. John Schreiner (Sr.) was born about 26 Apr 1794.
  3. Mary Schreiner was born in May 1795. She married Michael Hively.
  4. Peter Schreiner (Jr.) was born 6 Jun 1798. He married Mary.
  5. Sarah Schreiner was born 3 Oct 1801. She married Matthew Scott.
  6. Susanna Schreiner was born 21 Jan or Jun 1804 in Liberty, Fairfield, Ohio.
  7. Anna Schreiner was born 10 Aug 1804/1806 in Liberty, Fairfield, Ohio. She married John Heffner. Anna died sometime before 1845.
  8. Samuel Schreiner was born 22 Dec 1808. He died 8 Aug 1810 at age 19 months.
  9. Lea Schreiner was born 14 May 1812 in Liberty, Fairfield, Ohio.
  10. Catharina Schreiner was born 13 Jun 1813 in Liberty, Fairfield, Ohio.
  11. (unknown male) Schreiner was born between 1814 - 1820.
  12. Elisabeth Schreiner was born 15 Jan/Feb 1815 in Liberty, Fairfield, Ohio. On 16 Jul 1837, she married Caleb Pomfrey in Fairfield County, Ohio.


While this family's surname was originally spelled "Schreiner", most later records use the spelling "Shriner". Some records also spelled the name "Sriner".


Sara: Birth [Dec 1770], Death and Burial from Cemeteries of Liberty, Fairfield, Ohio (Bickel, St. Michael's Cemetery).

Anna: Birth [10 Aug 1806] from German Reformed Church Records Baptismal Records.

Catharina: Birth from German Reformed Church Records Baptismal Records.

(unknown male): Birth surmised from the 1820 census (Liberty, Fairfield, OH. P. 92) and 1830 census (Liberty, Fairfield, OH. p. 181).

Elisabeth: Birth [15 Jan 1815] from German Reformed Church Records Baptismal Records.
Marriage from Marriages of Fairfield County Ohio.

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