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Paul Robert Haskin is the son of Mary Ann Ward and John Prosser Haskin (Sr.). He was born in 1927 in Arkansas.

  • He married (1) Teresa Chenocki in Ohio. She was born in 1927.
  • He married (2) Pamela Jo (unknown) in Illinois.
  • He married (3) Mary Martha Sherrill. She is the daughter of Glenn Sherrill and Rosa Kisner. Mary was born in 1932 in Indiana. Mary had previously been married to Orville W. Parker.

Children of Paul Robert Haskin and Teresa Chenocki:

  1. Roger Lee Haskin was born in 1950 in Ohio. In 1987, he married Linda in Hawaii.
  2. Mark Allen Haskin was born in 1951 in Ohio.
  3. Lisa Darian Haskin was born in 1961 in Colorado. In 1990, she married Nigel Blackwell in California. He was born in England.

Children of Mary Martha Sherrill and Orville W. Parker:

  1. Glenda Jo Parker was born in 1951.
  2. David Wayne Parker was born in 1960.


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