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Charles Dwight Kain (Sr.) is the son of Candace Amelia Barron and Silas Dwight Kain. He was born 4 Mar 1866 in Newark, Licking, Ohio. He died 1 Dec 1904 at age 38 from injuries received in a train wreck near Peabody, Marion, Kansas. He is buried in Dresden Cemetery, Dresden, Muskingum, Ohio.

He married Eldora Sutter. She is the daughter of Jacob H. Sutter and Floretta Myton. She was born 27 Sep 1878 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana. She died 9 Dec 1952 at age 74. After Charles Kain's death, she married Charles Gano.

Children of Charles Dwight Kain (Sr.) and Eldora Sutter:

  1. Edward Thomas Kain was born 13 Dec 1894 in Vanlue, Hancock, Ohio.
  2. Fred Sutter Kain was born 9 Jul 1896. He died 10 Jan 1951 at age 54.
  3. Charles Dwight Kain (Jr.) was born 4 Mar 1898 in Ohio.
  4. Flora Amelia Kain was born 9 Feb 1900. She married Mr. Jones.

Kain Family Portrait
L-R: (back) Charles Kain Jr., Edward Kain, Mildred Kain, Eula Kain, Fred Kain
(front) Flora Kain, Floretta Sutter, Robert Kain, Eldora Kain Gano

Photograph taken in the summer of 1924.
[Photo courtesy of Kris (Kain) Ossa]


Information for this family provided by Charles' great great granddaughter, Kris (Kain) Ossa.

Charles: Death from his obituary [provided courtesy of Kris (Kain) Ossa].

Census Listings

The individuals in this family appear in the following census listings.

  • Charles Sr.: 1880 Census. Dresden, Muskingum, Ohio. Page 145.
  • Eldora: 1880 Census. Ft. Wayne, Allen, Indiana. Page 515.


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