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Sharon Louise Cassingham is the daughter of William John Cassingham and Lucille Marie Bettencourt. She was born in 1960 in California.

  • In 1981, she married (1) Jon Gerard Lee. He is the son of Robert E. Lee (Jr.) and Vivian Louise Gudgeon. He was born in 1959 in California.
  • In 1995, she married (2) Edward Patrick Owens.

Child of Sharon Louise Cassingham and Jon Gerard Lee:

  1. Jennifer Louise Lee was born in 1984 in California.

Children of Sharon Louise Cassingham and Edward Patrick Owens:

  1. Matthew William Owens was born in 1996 in California.
  2. Jason Patrick Owens was born in 1999 in California.


Information on this family provided by Sharon's mother, Lucille.

Sharon: Birth from California Birth Records, 1905 - 1995 [RootsWeb].

Jennifer: Birth from California Birth Records, 1905 - 1995 [RootsWeb].


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