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David Williams and son, Joseph
David Williams and son, Joseph
[Photo coutesy of Mary (Williams) Smith]

George Davis Williams was born 4 Apr 1865 in Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio. Dave, as he was known, is the son of Mary Jane Cassingham and Joseph Sharon Williams. He died 8 Mar 1947 at age 81 in Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio. He is buried at South Lawn Cemetery, Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio.

  • On 11 Nov 1886, he married (1) Emma Genora Cox in Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio. She is the daughter of Elgy Cox and Roxanna Tilton. She was born 11 Oct 1867 in Virginia, Coshocton, Ohio. She died 20 Nov 1897 at age 30 in Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio. She is buried at South Lawn Cemetery, Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio.
  • On 26 Sep 1900 - almost three years after Emma's death, Dave married (2) Harriet Rowe. She was born in 1863/1864 in Ohio. She died 21 March 1911 at about age 48.
  • Finally, on 4/14 Nov 1912 - a year or so after Harriet Rowe's death, Dave married (3) Harriet M. Marshall in Coshocton County, Ohio. Hattie, as she was known, was born about 1871 in Ohio. She had previously been married to Benjamin F. Adams. She died 5 Aug 1956 at about age 85.

Children of George Davis Williams and Emma Genora Cox:

  1. Nellie Madden Williams was born 19 Mar 1888 in Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio. On 29 Feb 1912, she married Louis Kossoth Beach in Coshocton County, Ohio. Louis was born 16 Jun 1890. He died 11 Oct 1954 at age 64 in Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio.   She died 17 Jan 1980 at age 92 in Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio.
  2. Clark Everson Williams (Sr.) was born 25 Mar 1890 in Tuscarawas, Coshocton, Ohio.
  3. Joseph McNeil Williams was born 17 Jan 1893 in Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio.


Dave's obituary only mentions marriages 1 and 3, also those are the only ones I find listed in the marriage index. Does the 2nd marriage actually exist?


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Birthdate and Death from the Social Security Death Index (SSN 302-40-7104). Last residence is assumed to be the deathplace.

A major source of information for this family is Dave's granddaughter, Mary (Williams) Smith.

Census Listings

The individuals in this family appear in the following census listings.

Thomas Cassingham (Sr.)
George F. Cassingham
Mary Jane (Cassingham) Williams
George Davis Williams


We are actively seeking more information on the individuals listed here (and their descendants). If you have any additional information, photographs or documents to share: please e-mail me.
Daniel Edwards

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